Together with Swedish Public Radio and Public Television we created an app experience providing young Swedes with an easy and fun way to engage in and support Musikhjälpen – A Swedish live radio and TV broadcast with the mission to create awareness and raise money for a humanitarian cause.

Download the app here: App Store, Google Play.


Since 2008, Swedish Public Radio and Public Television together with the help organisation Radiohjälpen produce the week long live radio and TV broadcast Musikhjälpen. The audience request songs, donating money for a humanitarian cause while doing so. There are also a vast number of initiatives held around Sweden, each one with the mission to collect money to the cause. Artists and celebrities also visit the studio to perform music, as well as auctioning off various items. Musikhjälpen engage thousands upon thousands of people each year.

The goal with the app was to increase the number of listeners and viewers, making it easier and more fun for the audience to donate money and giving the audience more power to affect the broadcast. The app would also serve as a link between the studio and the audience, which would create interesting and spontaneous events in the studio.


The solution revolves around a simple, intuitive interface consisting of two main screens; “Influence” and “Wish”. On “Influence” you can express your feelings on what is happening on the show by sending hearts or answer questions that in different ways affect the program. The questions and the reactions acts as a second screen during the entire event. With the app on your smartphone Musikhjälpen will always be available for you as the live broadcast is present on every screen throughout the app.

On “Wish” you request a song, donating money while doing so. You can choose from the list of most popular songs or search to find your own song. Once you have selected a song, you have the opportunity to donate via Swish or SMS.

Great! Simple, fun and a good way to support <3

– Olof Johansson, Google Play review