There are 200+ McDonald’s restaurants around Sweden with plenty of outdoor billboards. So we created billboards that double as fully functioning bee hotels.

Telenor acts as the optimistic force that unleashes all the opportunities that the connected world has to offer. And even today, when so much is happening, we’re still only at the beginning of what’s possible.

The launching of a new concept for Systembolaget – Different for a reason.

In a world where the Bank often is perceived as a greedy, bleak “necessary evil”, SBAB has always challenged... With honesty, care, transparency and a high level of credibility.

Volkswagen launches the world’s most remote showroom.

Once again, Elkjøp shows that a gift is more than a gift. This year, it’s about time together.

Volkswagen corrects one of the world’s most iconic parking fails.

Since 1909, Läkerol has been a well known Swedish pastille brand with high recognition and strong emotional bands tied to its devoted followers.

Today, love is controlled by states and institutions as same-sex marriages are forbidden in 87% of all countries. That’s the background to the initiative Marriage Unblocked – a digital platform where everyone, no matter the label, can propose, exchange vows and get married on the blockchain.

After creating the smooothest financial ads ever we took it to the next level. How? We changed Snoop Dogg’s name to Smoooth Dogg and made him a share holder in the company.