This campaign celebrates all the clumsy yet lovely people out there, perhaps in need of a helping hand. Because Elkjøp will help you with your thing all the way. Good times!

To make you think twice before picking up your phone in traffic, Volkswagen made Crashed Cases. 153 phone cases made of car wrecks caused by texting and driving.

Smoooth is more than an ad concept for a bank. It’s an idea that portrays everything that Klarna is.

How do you introduce a shopping holiday that no one has heard of? Together with internet phenomena The Fat Jewish Elgiganten takes Singles Day up north.

Klarna is one of Europe’s leading companies for online payments. Now they’re launching a new campaign based on the strategy of positioning Klarna’s payment solutions as ”smoooth”.

Where do Swedish youth learn to take responsibility, handle stress and develop leadership skills? You might be surprised.

This campaign is a celebration of those who has found their thing. Regardless of what it might be.

The decline of public health is a big problem that also affects the Swedish Armed Forces. New recruits no longer meet the same standard as their predecessors.

A McDonald’s hamburger is always many time worth its price. That is the basic principle of the Burgernomics, the new economic idea we introduced to Finnish people.

How can McDonald’s Denmark talk about the quality of their food – the actual stories – and make people listen without sounding pretentious?

How do you convince 14 – 25-year olds to quit smoking? You don’t.