Björn Borg

Today, love is controlled by states and institutions as same-sex marriages are forbidden in 87% of all countries. That’s the background to the initiative Marriage Unblocked – a digital platform where everyone, no matter the label, can propose, exchange vows and get married on the blockchain.

Despite LGBT rights coming a long way in recent years, same-sex marriages are still forbidden in 87% of all countries. With its Swedish heritage, the sports fashion brand Björn Borg has always stood up for equality.

In 2018, Bitcoin, powered by blockchain technology, caught the financial world’s attention. It also caught Björn Borg’s attention, but instead of trading money, they decided to use blockchain to trade something else: love.

Björn Borg built a marriage registry on the Ethereum blockchain, accessible through a website. The website facilitates marriage contracts, instead of money transactions, giving everyone the possibility to create contracts of love on the blockchain.

Blockchain distributes the marriage contracts across millions of servers around the world, where they will stay safe, for as long as the Internet may live.

A couple from an anti-LGBT country fronted the campaign by getting married, followed by 250 people going on to make a lifelong commitment to each other on the blockchain.

Marriage Unblocked ignited a discussion on equality and how innovative use of technology can empower humanity. The initiative was celebrated in both LGBT and tech forums, becoming Björn Borg’s most successful social media initiative to date.

– 85 000 000 Unique Media Impressions
– 1 500 000 Social Media Exposures