Yes, you read right. We’re looking for a person who we think might be the world’s first official Keynote artist.

Pitching is a natural part of an agency, so you’ll be helping us create the most stunning Keynote presentations ever seen by the human eye (or our clients, at least). There are always a bunch of pitches going on so you’ll be working hands-on with many presentations simultaneously, which you do without breaking a sweat.

You understand how to translate brands and visual concepts into storytelling. You have good skills in graphic design and also master motion design. You’re best buddies with Keynote (obviously), Adobe CC, and Google presentations. You know how to create and work with typography, colours and illustrations in Illustrator and how to animate and use the correct render settings in After Effects. You have to be patient enough to make pixel perfect stuff. A good control of both the Swedish and English language is a must, too.

We offer full-time employment in the fast-paced advertising industry, starting right away.

We believe you have finished some sort of degree in graphic design, or that you were born a Keynote wizard.

We are one agency in four countries – 300 different personalities and skillsets – with one shared goal: Breaking brands into pop culture.

Speak soon!

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